Kamakura Gion Omachi Matsuri

The Kamakura Omachi Matsuri commemorates and gives thanks for the founding of the Yakumo Shrine, a Shinto shrine, within the Omachi neighborhood of Kamakura. This grand festival is held annually on the second Saturday of July and continues for three days, during which time four mikoshi or portable representations of the shrine are carried through the local streets. The festival is said to have begun in 1349.

Kamakura Omachi Matsuri

13 to 15 July 2019

Sat 7th,July

09:00 - Annual service and festival
13:00 - OWATARI ( Mikoshi tour )
17:00 - BODO HOUNO ( Martial arts dedication)
19:00 - MIKOSHIBURI ( MIkoshi Shaking )

Sun 8th, July

18:30 - Performing and Lottery

Mon 9th, July

18:30 - Bon Festival dance


1st June,2018
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If you would like to attend the event, please fill out the registration form and return it by June 30th (Sat).
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